Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stocking up

The farmers' market only has one more week left for the year and I'm pretty sad about that. With the exception of three or four weeks, ZJ and I went downtown every Wednesday afternoon to load up the stroller basket with tasty, colorful, nutritious produce. I actually looked forward to those little outings with my girls and on days when other friends (or Papa!) would join us, it was a bonus.

Yesterday Zachari and I stocked up! I mean, I was actually embarrassed as I struggled to maneuver the stroller out of the market lot. Sweet potatoes were falling out and rolling on the blacktop, butternut squash was slipping down and poking Roo in the head, pieces of leeks were getting caught in the wheels. A kind, older lady said "Oh... do you need any help?" with a level of concern in her voice that was actually somewhat comical. I responded "Oh no, I just need to reconfigure everything and I'll be fine." It was about a block and a half down the road before I'd figured out the best way to transport all my produce and man, were we a sight to see. I took pictures because well, that's what I do, and because I want to remember that moment.

She's looking a little mean because the setting sun is blinding her...
or maybe she was embarrassed to be seen with such a loon of a mama.

Here she is with a big smile because she loves her puppy!
Miles sure was loving sniffing everything, making sure it was fit to come inside the house.

Up close and personal with the biggest bunches of broccoli ever (for $1.75 each!)
and some pie punkins. See how stuff's busting out of all sides? I got skills as a bagger, I tell ya!

I hope everything I got lasts us a while. Six carnival squash (I got two free because the farmer loved that I was buying so much of his food!), six acorn squash, six butternut squash, four ginormous heads of broccoli, six large sweet potatoes, banana peppers, a pound of red skin potatoes, two bunches of leeks, three pie pumpkins. Yeah. That'll last a while, right?! Hey, no one can say I'm not frugal or trying to cook in season, that's for sure.

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