Monday, December 26, 2011

For laughing out loud

Its no secret that Ryan Gosling is one of my favorite actors, he's seriously amazing. (Its also no secret that he's pretty easy on the eyes.) Through Favorite Blogger I came across this site and its hi-larious! These are the ones that stick out to me and my crafty nature. If only...

How many times has my own Leading Man given me a pep talk like this
when I've been overwhelmed by my self-imposed deadlines?

Such a Matt Blinn thing to say.

Again, Matty Blinn.

I think Blinn knows what bunting is, but if he said something like this,
I'd make out with him in front of our large picture window.
Naked. Okay, maybe not...
Wendy gets this one. The Twinery, right?!


  1. BAAAAA ha ha ha ha! I loooooove this! The Twinery, yes, that is fantastic! I love the one where he says your penmanship is so cute, that is so you too. LOVE THIS!

  2. I do know about bunting. -M