Monday, August 13, 2012

August 12th

When I got home from Molly's late Saturday night the house was all dark but the dining room. There, on the table, I found an adorable, pink, square, homemade strawberry cake that Blinn and Zachari made with a 31 candle. Next to it was the journal that Matty and I pass back and forth and he'd written a super-sweet birthday message in it. I found him upstairs doing his thing and so eager to hear about my night. He's so cute.

Waking up on my actual birthday was pretty anticlimactic. Blinn had to be at CV early to make coffee and I had to wake Z up like I usually do on Sunday mornings. I had to coax a birthday greeting out of her, but her face lit up when she remembered it was my special day. We got ready, got to CV earlier than normal and I chose to have Z stay in service with us for the singing. I might do that every week because she loved it and I've always liked cuddling with her while I sing ever since she was tiny. My boy had posted a message about me on Facebook so as the morning progressed, several people wished me well and as we left, Jeff bellowed Happy Birthday and many joined in on the fun. Embarassing, but fun. I felt celebrated (again). 

Matty Boy made me a deeeeelish steak on the grill for lunch with potatoes and peppers. We didn't have a veggie with the meal which felt strange, but I didn't mind too much. As lunch was being prepared, Dad and Sherry popped in for a quick, surprise visit. They hand-delivered a card and gift card for me, so nice. I can't remember the last time I got something from them on my actual birthday and little as that is, its important to me for some reason so it was extra appreciated. 

Instead of putting Z down for quiet time, I wanted some special family time so we got some old pita bread and headed to Mirror Lake to feed the ducks and get some birthday photos. Little did we know that feeding the ducks is prohibited, but we did it anyway! The ducks were aggressive and started crowding us. I got freaked out, Z and B were fine, but the duck-feeding was pretty short lived. We did a little walking around the campus and then it was off to small group. I took the strawberry cake to share, but Erin had made a chocolate cake for me too so after our discussion and prayer was over, everyone had a sugar rush before dinner! Erin gave me a mini loaf of her rosemary olive oil bread and again, I felt special. From there, Brooke, Lindsay and I went to Haiku where I was treated to some much-anticipated avocado sushi as well as chicken lettuce wraps. A beautiful evening seated outside at the very table the girls and I were at last year. The weather this month has been very mild for August in Ohio and I've loved it! I think the highs all weekend long were lower than 80˚or something crazy like that - faaaaantastic!

The girls and I were stuffed after dinner so we took Brooke home to get ready for her busy work week and Lindsay came back to the house for a while. She gifted me with a Jo Ann's gift card, a DIY magazine, a card with a beautiful message written inside and a mix CD which is so good! She's become such a dear, close friend and I'm very thankful for her. I'm thankful for my life. I have it pretty good.   

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