Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Its Your kindness Lord, that leads us to repentance

Jared's sermon on Sunday was excellent. I don't really think my words are going to do my experience justice. Suffice it say that the Spirit was present with me in a very real way and I was convicted about some of my behaviors as of late. I haven't acted like a follower of Jesus and I haven't acted in love and compassion. For the first time at Central Vineyard, I raised my hand at the end of service asking for prayer. I prayed for my upcoming meeting with Rachel at Kristi's wedding. I've been nervous about it, I've wanted to find ways to avoid it, but those feelings are gone now. I feel more at peace about our encounter than I have in weeks. I will be in prayer about our time together and more importantly, ways I can love her in a real way.

The part of the sermon that is ringing in my ears is "Its Your kindness Lord, that leads us to repentance." Jesus was kind to the woman caught in adultery and to all others who mocked Him and did Him wrong. Am I truly kind to others? When they look deep into my eyes is it kindness that they see or judgement, reservation, scorn? I have lots of thinking and processing to do, but I'm so thankful that this is happening. I suppose its been a long time coming.

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