Saturday, March 8, 2014

Jonathan: 14 months

I'm currently reading Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist and this little blurb seems fitting for your monthly post, J.

"Its our job to let them grow up, to let them become big and smart and grown-up, but its so tempting to keep them little forever, or at least to try... 

There's nothing like a first baby, but the second time around has a loveliness all its own, because you know what's coming - you know that this baby, this tiny, odd, wild animal will grow into a person with words and ideas and personality...

...Who will you be? What clues are you leaving us even now about the boy inside all that baby?"

I know I have to let you grow up, but there is a big part of me that wants to resist it strongly. Because I know that there won't be a Blinn babe after you, I want to stop time for a while and just soak you up as you are now and not let you get any bigger. I don't want your sister to go to school or to become a teenager. I don't want you to become taller than me with a voice that's deeper than your papa's. I want you to be my sweet, 5 lb. 2 oz. baby who shot out of me with an eagerness for this world that couldn't be stopped by anyone. But alas, I can't stop time. All of the things I don't really want to happen, will happen and you are, my boy, becoming a new person every day. You're leaving us clues all the time about who you are, what you will do for the world, what ways you will continue to change all of us. 

Enough sap, huh? Let's get to the nitty gritty here - what you've been up to in the last month! The biggest news is well... BIG news! As of February 28th, you! are! W-A-L-K-I-N-G! Its really fun to see you toddle around and just like I feared, you didn't spend long actually walking, but you actually run most places. Ha! And I thought I had my hands full before!

  • On March 1st I went to Vineyard Columbus for a few hours for a women's conference. When I came back your hair had been cut. Papa got a little clipper-happy and decided that it was time for your first haircut. We hadn't discussed this much beforehand, however so I was pretty disappointed to have missed it. Surprisingly though, I wasn't mad (like your papa thought I would be) because Papa did a great job! You look SO much older now and that, coupled with your new walking skills is a bit too much for this mama heart to handle right now.
  • You're saying more and more words every day such as turkey, apple, night-night, banana, thank you, uh-oh, high chair, Gaga (as in Zachari's Baby Gaga) and bye bye.
  • Yesterday you fell down the steps from the second floor. Ohhhhh goodness. You and I were upstairs and I ran downstairs to get the gate so that you wouldn't fall and you took one step to follow me and bam, you toppled all the way down, landing almost on the actual landing. You screamed and big ol tears wet your face immediately, but you weren't hurt and after a few minutes, you calmed down (I nursed you). It was a scare for sure and the irony of when it happened is still a bit comical to me. I was going to get the gate, Bud! Couldn't you have waited just 4 seconds more?!
  • Papa is kiiiind of your favorite person these days, you've become really attached to him. When he leaves the room, you whimper. When he leaves the house, you wail. Being held by him is pretty much what you want any time he's in your sight and when he comes home at the end of the work day, you can't get to him quite fast enough. Its absolutely melt-my-heart adorable and Papa and I LOVE that you've formed such an affection for him lately. 
  • You're still doing the lay-yourself-flat-on-the-floor thing when you don't get your way. Now you've added another layer to it: banging your head on the floor or the wall, whatever is closest. This for sure makes us laugh!
  • Boy, you love you some water! If we're at a meal together and we have water, but you don't, you whine until we get you a cup! 
  • Speaking of meal time, you're a fantastic eater and there have been many times that you've finished what Sister doesn't at meal time or snack time. I see lots of this happening in the future - little brother eating big sister's scraps. Oh my. You're enjoying chicken cacciatore, pita chips, and chicken salad to name just a few things.
  • Our nursings are usually down to three times a day: first thing in the morning, at nap time and then again at bedtime. There are some days where its more than that of course, but this is pretty much our new norm.
  • When you're sad, you often look around for Z and you are easily soothed by her. Its incredible to watch, really. She is so, so, so good with/to you and the love you two share is palpable. I hope you're always like this with each other. Such a gift. 
  • Our abundance of baby dolls has proven to be a great source of entertainment for you! You give them hugs and kisses all the time, you put them in their strollers or high chairs and greet them with your sweet "Hi!" all the time. What a great papa you'll make one day. 
  • When music that you like comes on, you murmur things in a cute singing sort of voice. That's my boy!
  • Stethoscopes, Sister's headbands, visors, tiaras... these are all things that you like to have around your neck. Its become so natural for you to just walk over, pick up the item and stick it around your neck and you look at us like we're crazy when he chuckle at the humor of the situation. You're confident in your accessorizing and I support that, Lovey!
  • There are probably a hundred words floating around in your head that you want to communicate to us, but right now, it sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo. Its precious to listen to you babble on. Keep it up though, we'll eventually understand your language!
  • A favorite pastime for you and Z is running around the house chasing each other. You still fall down a lot, but that hasn't stopped you and to hear your hard laughter with Zachari as you play together is music to my ears!
  • You say "Uh-oh!" all the time - if something falls, if you enter a room, basically any time you want. Super cute!
  • You've figured out what the remotes are for and you'll get one of them, point it at the TV and expect immediate results. Hilarious! You don't know that you have to push certain buttons to turn the machines on, but I'm alright with that. The less you know about button-pushing, the better!
  • Sister's temper has a rival: Yours! The two of you have started fighting over this or that and I usually just stand back and watch as you two work something out. My word - I did NOT think the spats would start this early in your relationship!
  • I no longer feed you food, but you feed yourself exclusively and you're doing really well with spoons! 
  • When I'm unloading groceries you love to help take things out of the bags. Sometimes if I tell you to put something in the pantry, you actually do it and surprisingly, it has been helpful at times! There are other times though that I find that you've chosen to rearrange said pantry and its difficult to find the items I want at the time I want them. You sneaky little bugger. I bet as you're moving cans and bags and boxes around you've got a little snicker on your face and you just can't wait to see how you'll keep us guessing!
  • I find it interesting how early little ones learn about babies - whether the baby is your own age or slightly younger - and how you learn to use a softer voice with them or get closer to their face when you speak to them. You've done just this with the few babies you've been around lately and I adore it. Ethan Cyzewski was here a couple of days and though he's about five months older than you, you recognized him as a wee person and you treated him with a gentleness and sweetness that was glorious. You greeted him with a big hug as though you were old friends being reunited and your loving heart bled through to the surface, making me so proud of how you're growing up!
  • The word ornery has come into rotation for you in the last month, mister. You'll smile, wave and in a so-sweet voice you'll say "Hiiii" as you're doing something you're not supposed to do. WHERE did you learn this form of manipulation? You're far too skilled at it already, Charmer!
  • Your papa's mechanical/figure-it-out mind is deep within you too, I'm starting to see it. You enjoy playing with your wooden tool box, puzzles and the shape-sorter toy that Grandpa Glover and Sherry got you for your birthday. I enjoy watching you try to understand how certain things work and go together. It makes you seem so much older than you actually are at times!
I've probably forgotten a few things that you've started doing in the last several weeks, but there's so much change, that its hard to get it all recorded fast enough! You are all BOY, Jonathan and that brings your papa immense pride and joy. I'm pretty sweet on you too though, Babe and I'm really looking forward to how you continue to change!

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