Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Mondays

This is the eighth Monday of summer vacation and Mondays have turned into my favorite day in the last couple of months. With the exception of the 4th of July and last week, our Mondays have been days where we stay home all day long and don't get out of our jammies sometimes til after dinner. Zachari's in swimming lessons on Monday nights at 6:25 so we get dressed for the day in time to get her there and sometimes her "getting dressed" doesn't go any farther than her bathing suit and a coverup. 

This summer has been a gift. I was not looking forward to it as the school year came to a close and quite honestly, I think the word dread is what I used most often. Zachari wasn't looking forward to the break either, preferring to have year-round school with her beloved Miss Washam and all her friends... and P.E., her favorite class. I was nervous about the lack of schedule and routine, the spats that the kids would have alllll summer long, our first summer without naps or quiet time. Silly as it sounds, I was dreading the freedom that summer brings.


Its been great. I've loved being able to be more spontaneous with our outings because we're not tethered to a schedule or the need to get home for rest time. Yeah, I'd love it if there was a rest period some days, but we just power through and its been great. 

I'm thankful for these last few weeks and I'm looking forward to filling up the remainder of our free days with equal parts lazy and adventure. 

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