Monday, January 12, 2009

Helluary is upon us

A few years ago Mandy and I gave the month of January a new name: Helluary. Things are cold this month, the snow is out of control, the Bowling Green wind is bitter on my skin, its gray outside, the sun never shows its face and the month is just overall hellish. Well that, and its the month that my mom died so it will forever be linked with that life-changing experience.

Anyway, this month is turning out to be pretty decent to so far. Last weekend was supposed to be jam-packed full of fun things, but a big snow storm put a kink in things. The Fezes came up Saturday evening and it was good to be with them and just lounge around together. On Sunday Jessica, Molly, Lianne, Holly and Heather all piled in an SUV and made the trek up here to take me to lunch and it was a great day. Afterwards we went back to the house where Blinn and Fez had been hanging out and we all had tea, hot chocolate, etc. and hung out for a while. Before they left Molly had an idea to sit around Blinn and I in a circle on the floor and offer up words of encouragement, love and prayer. She wanted to form a sort of band of love around us and it was fantastic. So touching, so beautiful and it might have brought a tiny bit of healing to our saddened hearts. It was good to talk about Elpida with so many people all at once, to share his pictures and most of all, to cry with our friends who have become as close as family. It had been a hard week for me emotionally for several reasons and Friday night Blinn and I were just down and weepy so being with everyone on Sunday was perfect timing. Also, that day marked 6 years since my mom passed away. For once it was nice to spend that day not crying over her, but actually laughing a bit and working through a new phase of my life.

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