Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remembering my boy

Yesterday would've been Elpida's second
birthday. The day was spent running all over
Columbus visiting with a dear friend for breakfast, killing time in an over-crowded mall (why did we do that?!) watching the OSU-Michigan game with Dad and Sherry, then a little time at my in-laws' before getting back on the road to BG. Blinn and I had a little spat while at his parents' house. I was out of line, we were both tired and frazzled from the weekend, we miscommunicated... it wasn't pretty, but we made up soon after everything went down. At 6:36 p.m., the moment our boy entered this world, we were on the road riding in silence. Last year and this year I sort of felt bad for not doing something more special to honor my child, but every year I've been at a loss for just what to do. How do you remember a child that only lived inside of you, a child no one knew but you, a child that very few even remember. It was sad, but not surprising that not one family member on either side mentioned Elpida once over the weekend. Thankfully, our friends who love us better than family most times left us messages and sent us notes letting us know we weren't alone and our child wasn't forgotten. True blessings.

I miss my boy. I really miss the relationship he'd be forming with his Papa right now. I love watching Blinn and ZJ interact and on weekends like this I often wonder what the father-son interaction would've been like. One day they'll play together, walk together, hold hands together... one day.

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  1. yes, they will.

    praise the One who plays, walks & holds his hands now.