Tuesday, November 30, 2010

St. V's

Earlier this month we had an appointment with Dr. Perni, the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist we saw throughout the latter half of my pregnancy with Zachari. From the first time we met him up til now, we've been so so thankful that it was him we got matched up with. From the get go he treated us like intelligent adults, he showed us respect and gave us our space to make decisions on our own.

I'm not pregnant now, nor do I want to be any time soon, but Blinn and I just wanted to set up this "pre-conception consultation" as its called to make sure it was safe/wise for me to be pregnant again. I wanted to see if I'd always be considered moderately high-risk and get some more answers and guidance as we try to map out the future of our family.

The visit was great. Dr. Perni gave us the go ahead to have as many children as we want, giving us no reason to be concerned and actually calming a few of my fears about future prenatal care and delivery. He gave me a year's worth of prescription pills for Folgard which is the supplement I need to take due to the gene mutation I have. Its no big deal. It will make a world of difference having this in my system long before conception and then at the moment Blinn and I do make a baby. Starting that supplement at 25 weeks gestation while prego with Z was almost too late, but next time around, we should be in the clear!

In the weeks leading up to this appointment, I had a mix of emotions coursing through me. Trepidation. Excitement. Nostalgia. A slight fear of the unknown, an uneasiness about things. The appointment went really well though and Dr. Perni was, as always, a reassuring presence for us. It was great to introduce him to our sweet girl (I might've put her in a special outfit just for the occasion.) and to go over details of my pregnancy with Z while she sat there and listened to everything. St. V's has been a great place for us, even though its not a place we ever wanted to be at for so much of our time. Its been a blessing, for sure.

Whenever B and I do decide to have another child, we have the green light. I'll need to see a specialist from the verrrrry beginning this time and a home birth is likely not an option, but I can handle that.

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