Thursday, December 9, 2010


Four years ago today there was a conversation that went like this:

Matt: "Kelli Shearron, will you be my wife?" (notice his sweet, romantic nature shining through)

Kelli: "Uh... yeah! Yeah! YEAH!!!!!" (notice my shocked, nearly speechless, classy way with words)

I wish I'd been more eloquent in my respsonse, but I wasn't. I was completely shocked that the boy that went from "the new guy, Blinn" to my best friend to my lover was actually asking me to take the next step with him. Man, am I glad I said yes. Its been the most wonderfully amazing journey to share life with Raymond Matthew Blinn.

And now, some photos I dug out of the archives of the little dinner party my boy and Mandy threw for us the night of our engagement.

I love the look of joy on Elisha's face.
She's been one of our biggest supporters since day one and it shows here.

Only Joel McNeal would inspect the ring that way,
but I didn't mind though. It was so fun showing it off!

The girls' faces are precious here. I think we were telling the engagement story and they were listening so intently and had such joy on their faces... Kristina is my favorite here.

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  1. so, i have checked your blog probably 3-5 times in the last week or so & it's been the menus & about zachari's sleep (which is awesome, btw!). and then, tonight the same thing. but, NOT! for some reason this post hadn't shown up yet & i'm so glad the bottom of it caught my eye & that i scrolled down to find the this gem! :) i love you & i love this post. i love that you love your boy. and i love that Lord made you two into one. YES! :)