Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embrace the Camera

Oh, hello nearly 70˚ on a sunny March day! I nearly forgot what you felt like. My little fam and I enjoyed the luscious, warm rays of sunshine a few times today and my, was this day glorious! The most amazing day of the year yet too, I might add!

Z and I started dinner early so we could go on a walk towards the TV station in an attempt to find Blinn on his ride home - we succeeded! The three of us walked back home together and before chowing down on some cheesy turkey meatloaf (mmmm!), we snapped these terrible photos together. 

Whatever. I think this is just the stage of Embracing the Camera that I'm in for now. All the shots are sorta lame and they all feature at least one person lookin like a loon, but I'm capturing these moments and they'll be distant memories all too soon. 

Guess I missed the memo about looking at the lens. Hmm...

I'm looking at Z, Z's lovin on her Papa and my boy's looking at the camera.  Nice.

Sharing this one because I want to remember the cute expression on Z's face in this second .

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