Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Things to remember

  • The girl loves the dishwasher! Climbing in it, helping unload it, splashing in the water after its been run. Who knew a common appliance such as this one was so entertaining?!
  • In the last 48 hours Miss Z has been pulling herself on anything and everything. This includes laundry baskets, the dishwasher door when its open, chairs, filing box, toy basket, dining room table legs, couch, Mama and Papa, open drawers. Its amazing how much this small development has changed the course of my days. I'm constantly on the move!
  • Because she's now into more things, the time has finally come for us to childproof a few things. Blinn and I aren't interested in latching every nook and cranny, but want to keep her out of things that are harmful. 
  • Her favorite "toys" are plastic mixing bowls, the bundt pan, the potato masher, plastic colanders, the insulated carrying cases for casserole dishes, funnels... I basically let her play in one kitchen cabinet that's at her reach and she has a ball!
  • When we shut her out of a room sometimes she'll peek underneath to see if she can find us through the crack. Adorable.
  • She's slowly starting to repeat the sounds of words, but to most people, I'm sure it still sounds like jibberish.
  • When she sees me get out of the shower she says "Brrr!". She also says it when she gets out of the tub.
  • In the last couple of weeks I've tried taking two showers with her. She hates it.
  • Another thing she hates? Diaper changes. I don't know what we're gonna do... this girl is determined not to have clean unders on. Potty training just might begin soon.
  • She cracks up at the silliest things. Blinn's hiccups, me pinning her down with my leg (during aforementioned diaper changes), me pretending to blow my nose or snore. Consequently, I end up laughing at the silliest things. Her raspy voice and giggle just get me all the time.
  • Sometimes she peeks under the couch to try and find Miles. 
  • ZJB is what I like to call a crap-napper. Some days its half an hour, some days its two and a half hours, but almost every day the girl wakes up in the middle and screams. She also fights her deep-rooted urge for a morning nap and often naps at my breast in the ten or eleven o'clock hour. Maybe I shouldn't let her do that, maybe its okay, but some days I let her lay there til she wakes up on her own. She won't always be tiny enough for me to cradle so I'm soaking it up now.
  • She really enjoys books and often picks them out of the mess of toys and starts flipping through them on her own. SHe also brings us books sometimes and well, that's the cutest thing ever. How could I not drop what I'm doing and read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"? Again.
  • She says "Yeah-uh" like Joan Cusack says it in Sixteen Candles. So cute. That "yeah-uh" is often accompanied by a full-body nod of confirmation.
  • She's developed a very high-pitched squeal of excitement. Sometimes it comes out in the midst of laughter or when Papa comes home and many times its just part of her daily chatter. Love it.
  • She signs the word for milk appropriately (most of the time) and when she gets up for the day, she signs it with vigor using both hands. She can be so dramatic.  :)
  • Tilting her head from extreme right to extreme left is super fun while in the high chair, apparently. Its even more fun if someone imitates the movements. Dinners at our table sure are lots different today than a year ago and they'll continue to evolve. That's so cool to me.
  • When Papa comes home she often raises an arm straight up and yells. Its pretty hilarious and makes Matty smile almost every time. 
  • She likes hiding in the curtains, brushing her teeth and pulling my hair (still).
  • Several times a day she makes her way over to me and buries her face in my crotch (what??) or lays her head on my legs. I kinda love it. 
  • Her days and nights revolve around "BAH!!!" - aka Miles.
  • One of my favorite parts of the day is bedtime. After I've nursed her and she's off in dreamland, I shift her from the cradle position up to my shoulder. She snores there for a bit and then shuffles, scratches her nose and turns to the other cheek. Its predictable and adorable and precious. I love our routine. Well really, I love our life. 

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