Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 days of thankful

Last month I was inspired by this garland and decided to do a little something similar to it for our family this year. Its really important to me that my children know the true meaning behind the major holidays and this year was as good as any to teach Z the concept of thankfulness. I'm looking forward to many years of this simple tradition. Then, when I'm old and gray, I'll take out a big box of leaves and fall shapes and see how the things we were all thankful for changed over time.

Papa, Miles, Annabelle, Kristina, Baby (as in baby dolls), home, Mama's milk, Home song, pizza, and Bekah

No asthma attacks or ER visits since July, getting to stay home with Zachari Jane every day,
Matt - the VERY best one for me, Brookside Church & Central Vineyard, Carol & Jan Bell, good friends who know me, get me, encourage me, love me!, Elpida Matthew Blinn, a new small group that already feels natural, The MacCaughey Family, help with medical bills 

Maple trees, my daughter Zachari Jane!, good food on our table every day!, my best friend - Kelli, Liz & Matthew Bonar, Amy & Micah Palmer, Coffee in the A.M. with my wife, Jan & Carol Bell, Erik Marshall, weekends with family

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