Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Blinn bling

For the first time in over five months I'm typing out this blog post with not just one, but two rings on my left hand ring finger. The way its supposed to be. 

June 12th was the last time I remembered seeing my lovely diamond ring and ever since then, my heart has grown sadder over the loss of it. I wasn't sad because I had lost a diamond ring per se, but sad at the loss of one of the first gifts from my beloved that involved him saving and sacrificing, sneaking and planning. He researched conflict-free gems, visited Worthington Jewelers multiple times to get the setting just so, he was meticulous in coordinating and executing our engagement surprise. There's so much wrapped up in this shiny stone on my finger and the thought of it being gone forever was miserable. 

But behold, it has been found! ... and at the back of my nightstand drawer, of all places! How many times have I plowed through that drawer looking for odds and ends since June? How many times have I hoped it would just show up and dazzle me all over again? 

Hooray, its been found and I could not be happier about it!

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