Saturday, November 19, 2011

He's such a good papa

My husband is precious. His bond with our daughter grows deeper and more special with each passing day and I absolutely love watching it happen. When I dreamed about a father for my children all those years ago, I didn't know that there was someone so perfect out there. Matthew Blinn is a fantastic papa for our Zachari Jane and he continues to woo our sweet girl all the time. 

Right now they're out on a Saturday morning date. This is maybe the sixth time they've had one of these and its a perk for the whole family! He gets one-on-one time with Z, something he desperately misses throughout the week. She gets one-on-one time with him and totally eats up all of us attention. I get a morning to myself at home to enjoy coffee slowly and do what I want! 

When Zachari woke up today Blinn got right out of bed and greeted her. When I stumbled out of bed a few minutes later to check in on them all the chatter, she chuckled and said "Hi Mama! Dressed... date... Papa!" One of the most adorable things of all time. She was so happy to see me and even happier to share the news that she was getting dressed to go on out with Papa. In the few minutes it took them to get out the door, she kept yelling "Date! Date!" I'm not entirely sure she knows what a date is, but she sure acted like it!

Sometimes I watch these two and its like I can feel myself slowly melting away in the love and beauty of their two souls. I am so thankful for these two gifts in my life. So thankful.

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