Saturday, March 17, 2012


Approximately 35 hours after surgery and I'm doing great!

No pain. Minimal soreness. No swelling or visible bruising. I'm amazed! When I took the large wad of gauze that was taped under my nose off to clean my face around 4 p.m. today, I was super pleased to find that bleeding had stopped and I could look less like a person who had a nose job and more like Zachari's mama. The three of us ate a delicious meal on a blanket on the front porch provided by Brooke and enjoyed the evening hearing birds chirping, feeling the gentle breeze across our faces.

The prayers that have been covering me for the last month especially have been so meaningful. I had such a sense of calm and peace with each phase of preparation for the surgery. The only thing that had me flustered was Zachari being sick on Thursday and having to rearrange her care for Friday. And wouldn't you know that when she woke up on Friday she was peachy keen and probably could've kept the play date we'd previously arranged. Oh well. It all worked out. 

I'm thankful tonight and feeling quite humbled. Will this be the end of my breathing issues? Will I feel like a new woman with cleared sinuses? Who knows. I'm just thankful the surgery finally happened, I'm recovering well and that its behind me now. 

Blinn's off at a St. Patrick's Day party that I wish I could be at too, but off to bed I shall go. I do like having the bed to m'self every once in a while so I suppose this isn't such a bad thing.  :) 

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