Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Moorman

My little sister has been a Mrs. for almost three weeks now. I still can't believe that she's no longer nineteen (for some reason, she's been stuck at that age in my head for years) and is in fact approaching thirty years old and is now a married-mother-woman! Her wedding weekend was beauuuuuutiful! I was skeptical of an outdoor ceremony in August in Ohio, but the weather totally worked in their favor. A high of something like 79˚ with little to no humidity? Are you kidding me? It was lovely.

As with any photos on my blog, you can click the image to make it larger.

Taking things into her own hands after the rehearsal

Diva coppin' a 'tude just before the ceremony

Diva coppin' a 'tude during the ceremony

Aunt Carla (eyes closed and all) and cousin Kim

Glover & the girls all growed up

My favorite candid of the day

The cutesy, happy couple

Whenever Z sees this picture she says "I'm grumpin'!" Indeed, my child.
I still love the picture though!

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