Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My independent little lady

Zachari Jane Blinn is a force to be reckoned with. In a five minute span of time she can be sassy and sweet, stubborn and easy-going, creative and so imaginative. At least once a day she does or says something that catches me off guard and makes me laugh or just stand in awe of her amazing mind. 

Today's been a really good day. She's been sweet and has listened to me better than she's been doing lately. Her manners have been spot on and her charm is winning me over left and right. 

She's such a gift! Already she is a wonderful helper and I know that once her sister or brother arrives, she'll take such pride in being a big sister with special jobs to do. The way she nurtures others whether its her friends, our dog or her dolls is so precious and I can hardly wait to see her in action with Little One in a few more weeks. I don't know where she comes up with some of the things she makes up, but it sure is fun to be with her and to try and keep up! She loves dressing up and making up stories, reading books and doing crafts. Lately she's been into changing the gender of her stuffed animals and baby dolls which makes it hard for her papa and I to keep straight. One day Radar the monkey is a boy (and he actually is) and the next day he's a girl. No wait, that sort of thing changes by the hour in my girl's little mind!

This is how she came downstairs this morning. Uh. Freaking. Dorable. 

I'm so thankful I get to do daily life with her.

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