Friday, April 26, 2013

Jonathan: 3 months

Oh dear. Its almost time for the four month post and I'm just getting around to finishing my notes from month three! I have a feeling that as my littles get older, I'll have less and less time for things like this, but I'm trying!

Jonathan dear, you are a joy. Your giggle can make even the grumpiest of men smile from ear to ear and your laid back demeanor makes it so easy to tote you to and fro. I love watching you grow, change and explore, my son. Here's what you've been up to in the last month.
  • Very slowly you're starting to snuggle in a little bit when I hold you against my shoulder. I love it.
  • Many days its hard for you to fall asleep on your own so I either nurse you, wear you, or you get carried and bounced around at night when Papa is home.
  • However, your nighttime sleep patterns are changing - for the better! There's been a couple nights where you've slept FIVE hours from when we go to bed and its been amazing! For the most part though, you sleep about four hours from the time we go to bed and then nurse every two to three hours after that til we're up for the day. 
  • During the day you're awake for longer periods of time and there have been a couple weeks where you've barely slept all day. You take more shorter naps throughout the day rather than ones that last a couple of hours. I'm okay with it as long as you nap in the afternoon when/if I want to nap, Wee One.  ;)
  • You've been starting to bring things (burp cloths, blankets on my bed, the bottom of your shirt, etc.) to your mouth which has prompted me to dig Zachari's baby toys out of their boxes. It seems so early to be doing it, but I'm following your lead!
  • To soothe yourself, you've started sucking on your fists and occasionally, you find your thumb and suck on it. Its adorable. I never thought I'd find something like this adorable because I generally thing that thumb-sucking is gross, but not with you, kid! 
  • You still enjoy time in the bouncy seat and when the music and lights come on, you go nuts! 
  • The Dekkers are letting us borrow a fun play mat that has toys dangling down for you to stare at and play with. You'll often swat at them and you usually miss the target more often than you actually hit it, but its fun to watch you down there. When you really get goin', your arms start flappin' and your legs kick super fast and its almost like you're going to take off and fly!
  • When I get the Ergo or the Moby out, you light up. You definitely get worn more often than your sister did and boy, do you love it! I won't lie, I find it pretty great too!
  • On March 21st you weighed 12 pounds, 12 ounces. Yay! 
  • We found out your weight the day in March because we took you to the doctor because of labored breathing. Turns out you had something called Bronchiolitis which led to us giving you Albuterol breathing treatments every six hours for the next five days. I hated having to do them for you for fear that your future might look like my recent past, but I truly believe it was just a fluke thing now and that your lungs are healthy, strong and well!
  • In the last month you've had two 7 hour stretches of sleep at night. What? As a result, I slept pretty poorly both nights because I kept thinking you'd be waking up at any moment. Oh well. 
  • One of my favorite things about you lately is your very intentional chatter. When its just you and me, all is quiet and we're looking into each other's eyes, you start a quiet babble. The sounds are different than how you sound other times of the day while with Zachari or just talking on your own. Its so special, Jonathan. I like to think of it as our own little thing and for that, I thank you. 
  • Your big sister is your favorite person and I so enjoy watching the two of you interact. There have been many times when you've started to fuss and she's come to your rescue before I've had a chance to, but you don't mind. She is so patient and loving with you and the ways she calms and entertains you are all her own. You two already have such a special bond that no one else will ever be able to touch. 
  • You llllove taking baths! You splash and giggle and enjoy it from start to finish. About half of the times I bathe you, you want to nurse right afterwards and then fall asleep. I've started trying to make this a nightly routine, but it doesn't always work. We'll keep experimenting.
You're already one fourth of the way to your first birthday, son. Can that really be true? You are a magnificently perfect addition to our family and you are so loved. I'm looking forward to all the different stages of life we have yet to experience with you, honey!

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