Monday, April 29, 2013

Anniversary date

Six years. 

Most of the time, the years have flown by and I love that about our marriage. Then there are other times where each day has seemed like an eternity and while those weren't always my favorite days, I'm still thankful for them. They're part of our story. They are intricately weaved into who we are today, who we will continue to become together in the future. 

I have such a tremendous husband. This is no news, of course, but on our special day together, I was reminded just how great he is. My favorite part of the day was first thing in the morning, before the kiddos woke up. We kissed, hugged, and giddily brought our gifts to each other because we were so excited. I had fun wandering around Savor Growl trying to find the perfect beers to wet my man's palate the day before. With a little help from friends, I settled on a small growler of Ballast Point Sculpin IPA as well as the newly released 2013 Russian Imperial Stout by Stone. That's right - I know my stuff (sort of)! In addition to the booze, I got crafty and put together three shadowboxes, each containing a page of my wedding vows. The boxes were backed with the fancy cloth that was on our table at the reception and I used cute pink brads to attach the paper to the backing. I had fun creating my simple gift and The Boy loved it. Blinn's gift to me was a pair of Chacos! I have been wanting a pair for about a year, but we never had the money or I didn't feel I could justify such a purchase for m'self. This chap knows me so well and though a pair of sandals isn't the most romantic gift ever, I felt so gushy in love with him over them because he just knew!

Upon arriving at Central Vineyard later in the morning, we were greeted by several friends wishing us a happy anniversary which was a nice touch. Thank you, Facebook! After service we went home and waited for Ray and Theresa to arrive (they were more than 45 minutes late, grrr) to be with Z so we could get some lunch. Because of their tardiness, we weren't able to make it to Blinn's first choice for lunch because they closed early. Plan B was pretty great though: Block's Bagels! We went there a few times while dating because it was such a special place to me from childhood, but we hadn't been there in ages. It was a late, light lunch that hit the spot. I'm looking forward to taking Zachari Jane there. That girl won't know what to do with so many carb options all in one spot!

After lunch Blinn planned to take me to the art museum for a special exhibit that was outdoors and in stationary trucks. It was cold and drizzly so we opted to skip it since Jonathan was with us. We made a quick stop at Outdoor Source to exchange my sandals for the right size, then the Upper Arlington Caribou before heading back home for our girl. We took her to the Reids' so that we could make our dinner reservation and final stop of the day: Marcella's in Short North!

Marcella's has been on my list of restaurants I wanted to try for the entire two years we've lived here. My boy remembered and finally took me there. And goodness, the good and wine did NOT disappoint. Blinn got Capellini Pomodoro, I got a beef tortellini dish with mushrooms, wilted spinach and a creamy sauce. Insane. We each had a glass of wine - I enjoyed J Lohr's riesling, a fave and as a treat from the staff, we devoured chocolate almond cake. We had a table at the front window and shared good conversation about years past, the future, our dreams. 

It was a great day with my boys (though celebrating such an occasion with a babe is definitely different) and I'm so thankful for them. Here's to another SIXTY years, Matty Boy! I love you!

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