Sunday, August 4, 2013

A sweet and simple Saturday night

Its rare that we don't have plans on a Saturday, especially a Saturday in the summer. Last night was one such rare occasion and boy, am I glad we didn't have anything on the agenda. 

The day was lazy starting off with a few hours at home with Miss Annabelle. Then lunch, quiet time, an early dinner and off to Gallery Hop with the fam. Zachari's third or fourth time there, but her first time to actually interact with the art and ask questions. We only visited one gallery, actually, Roy G. Biv, because there really are hardly any galleries to visit anymore! Thankfully, the exhibit there was very colorful, had lots of textures and was kid-friendly. I think both Zachari and Jonathan liked it. It was Jonathan's first time to The Hop outside of the womb and he did pretty well. We tried the Ergo on the back for the first time and it was great! Jonathan eventually fell asleep (which totally threw off our evening routine, but whatev) and we all enjoyed a lovely, unusually cool August night together. 

I love my little family and I love the great city we live in. 

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