Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Images to normalize breastfeeding

I don't remember whose Facebook page I saw this on first, but I've come across it a few times now. Its great. It made me chuckle a few times and there were a couple photos that made my insides ached a bit because they're so sweet. 

These three are my favorites. 

I'm guessing that this woman is somewhere in the southern states and its probably pretty hot wherever she is. Look at that big, thick, long dress she's wearing! I like how she's just plopped down on the side of the porch taking care of business. That's real life, ain't it? Baby's hungry when baby's hungry and you have to meet the demands in the moment, no matter where you are... or how hot you might be in your many layers!

I don't particualrly care for the style of this painting, but I do like what's shown here. A very sweet and tender moment between mom and babe, a playfulness and carefree-ness that is so wonderful. They've been few and far between, but there have been a few nursings where I've been propped up like this with a (nearly) naked baby just suckling and exploring and being cozy. The times I get to be like this with J are few since he wiggles and wanders mid-nursing most days. But I cherish the times when I've been able to be still and lazy with my wee ones the last few years. One day I'll really miss that.

And how beautiful is this photo? I like how you can see the baby's eye and how she/he is gazing lovingly at the mother. I like that its in black and white. I like how mother's head is cocked to the side. Is she even awake? Who knows. Maybe she's looking at her child with love and astonishment as so many of us do while we nurse. That oxytocin is no joke and I especially like how (in my opinion) a hormone is made into art by one simple photograph.

If only we saw more images like these in the mainstream social world today. What would that do for the promotion of and education about breastfeeding? What would that do to our health, our emotional wellbeing, our love for one another? Maybe I'm an idealist. Maybe what I'm thinking out loud here today has some value. I'm on a mission to do something about it - to make breastfeeding a more accepted thing in our culture. I'll be baaaaack!

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