Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jonathan: 13 months

My, my, my, have you been busy in the last month, Buddy! Here are some of the things you've been up to since my last Jonathan post.

  • On January 31st you were diagnosed with your first ear infection in your left ear. Its been accompanied by a chunky cough and less-than-ideal breath sounds. Boooo. You're amidst a 5 day round of Azithromicin and you're doing a little better, but you're still not your normal perky self. Poor little guy. 
  • You do not like citrusey things! Pineapple, clementines, oranges? No siree! You spit them all right back out and eventually chuck them on the floor. Well, alrighty then!
  • You love the tissue box and in an attempt to get away with all the tissues you continually thieve from the box, you bring it up to my nose and try to wipe it for me. Yes, Love, its cute and you're so smart... but get yo hands outta that box of tissues!
  • On February 4th you had your second round of the HIB and Prevnar vaccines. I nursed you while you got them and you cried for a sec, but you handled the pricks with bravery. Good job, Bud!
  • Lately you've been really aggressive and you bury your face into someone, a blanket, a toy, and you'll yell or shake your head back and forth vigorously. Sometimes you even bite whatever/whomever it is you're buried into. Not sure what this is all about. Stop please!
  • Yogurt-covered raisins? Ya love em! You also like the regular type of raisins.
  • You enjoy feeding other people bites of food. 'Tis cute.
  • You can go 11+ hours without nursing in a day. I'm a little sad about this.
  • You say "All duh!" which means "All done!".
  • On February 9th you took two steps to me right in front of our pantry! 
  • We really need to put locks on the kitchen drawers because you've recently discovered the fun of pulling Ziploc baggies out one by one and scattering them about the house. Not cool. 
  • During the week of February 10th I was away from you and Sis the entire week for CLC training. You were with a new childcare provider daily and while you and Z did really well amidst the transition, you initiated a bit of a "nursing strike" for the first three days. What?! You seemed pissed at me, you were indifferent about nursing and sometimes when I'd offer you the breast, you'd move away. I get it, you were missing me and didn't know how to express it. We're over that phase now and you're nursing just fine. I'll admit it though, I was a little bit afraid that you were ending things so soon!
  • You have a sweet, nurturing side to you and you just love on teddy bears, baby dolls and anything you get your hands on, really. I'm not sure how you and Zachari became such good parents, but I'm loving it! You especially have a fondness for Baby Gaga and we've started referring to her as your girlfriend!
  • Occasionally you'll say your version of "Thank you", but its only ever to Zachari when she helps you or gives you something. Pretty funny!
  • The human tummy is your latest obsession! You love your own tummy and you're eager to show it off every chance you get. And pushing in your outie belly button? So fun! You also love other peoples' tummies and you try to lift up shirts to expose them. Its cute now, Love, but soon we're gonna have to cut off this behavior because its not so much socially acceptable after the toddler phase.  ;)
  • There's some major 'tude brewin' in you, Jonathan Francis. When you get mad or sad you will flatten yourself out on the floor - no matter where you are - and throw your own little fit. In comparison to the fits most kids throw, yours is very mild, but I think that if you keep this up, we could be in for some trouble down the road. To be honest, Papa and I usually laugh it off because you're easily distractible and we can get you to move on to the next thing pretty quickly. I wish I had video of the mini tantrums though - its funny and super cute!
  • When I'm cooking, you tug on my legs, push me and screeeeeam because you want food or you want attention or you want me to move mountains, I'm not sure. Its unnerving at times, Sweetie, but I love ya anyway!
  • The week of the 17th you started saying "Hi!" to anyone and everyone and anything you set your eyes on. Its presh.
  • Favorite foods: peanut butter and "nanas" aka - bananas.

Whew! Its taken me a while to get this posted because well, you're keepin' me hoppin' these days and there's not a whole lot of time to sit at a keyboard and hammer these things out. Honestly though J, I wouldn't have it any other way. These cold, dark winter days often zap my energy earlier than I'd like to admit and I can be quick to whine about how much you and your sister require of me in a day, but to be able to mother you and stay home with you and keep a list of the beautiful ways you're changing and growing is the only way I want things to be. I love you, honey. You are amazing. 

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