Thursday, January 10, 2008

A part of me - lost

Living in Bowling Green sure is a lot different than life in Columbus, but for the most part I like the change. The timing was perfect for me to leave the city I grew up in and start anew here with my husband and I’ve been thankful for the switch. However, there are some days when my heart is sad for what was left behind. Today is one of those days.

Almost first thing this morning I received an email from a Landing Place friend with news that yet another part of the community of believers we’ve called family has died off. No, there was not a literal death, but more of a figurative loss. The truth is that I knew this day would come, but how could I not feel at least something after investing so much of myself with those people? My time as part of LP taught me a lot about myself, people, the Church, the Messiah and what it means to love and serve. Unfortunately though, I also learned some other tough lessons that I could’ve done without, but I think they’ve made me a better person. Yeah, I think

Hmm... this blogging thing might actually be good for me at this time of my life. Its about time I start processing some of the thoughts that have been brewing for a while, even if it is out there on the world wide web!

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