Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things to remember

  • When she falls asleep while nursing and relaxes her little neck, she has the sweetest, most contented look on her face. Her lips stick out just a little, she might continue sucking on the air for a few minutes and she's at peace as she drifts off to sleep. Its a kind of magical moment every day, really.
  • The wide range of foods she was eating a few months ago has become a little less wide. She's loving butternut squash and peas these days as well as any kind of fruit with pears and raspberries recently added to the list. She's not a fan of green beans or great northern beans right now, but we'll come back to those another time. On Friday she had her first taste of her papa's pancakes. It was more fun to play with the tiny pieces I gave her though because I think one ended up in her mouth with the rest on the floor.
  • Speaking of things being on the floor, we've entered that stage... the stage where its fun to throw everything down. I was telling Blinn it seems too early for her to be at this place in life, but I think I felt that way because I didn't want her to ever get here. Oh well. This too shall pass. :)
  • She continues to talk and share her opinions. All. The. Time.
  • In the last coupe of weeks I've noticed her using her pointer finger and thumb together more often. Sometimes she'll point, though it doesn't seem like she knows that she's pointing. Sometimes she tries grabbing things with those two fingers and its so cute to watch. For years I've loved watching babies learn how to use those two fingers together. Hooray for fine motor skill development!
  • She stops in her tracks when I sing
  • She's eating garlic-lovers hummus from Aldi, refried beans, pinto beans, black beans, has tried Papa's pancakes (verdict is out if she likes em), pears, pumpkin, experimenting with cottage cheese
  • She's clapping now and its usually accompanied by her saying "Yayyyy", our prompt to get her to clap early on.
  • No crawling, but lots of scooting/moving in circles. She's actually trying to pull self up on things more than crawl
  • She's still as amazing, adorable, and sweet as ever. My life is so full because of her.

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