Friday, February 17, 2012

Cloth diapering & breastfeeding

I've been meaning to jot down my thoughts about nursing and cloth diapering for a while now. Random thoughts that come to my mind that might be good for a laugh or encouragement down the road. 

  • When Zachari sees bottles she thinks they're water bottles. If she sees a baby getting fed with a  bottle, she often says "Baby needs mama's milk." with a look of concern and confusion on her face.
  • Zachari is being raised to think that nursing a baby is the most normal, natural thing there is - something so very different from how I was raised. 
  • The muscles used to nurse are different than the muscles used to drink from a bottle. Statistics show that many children who were nursed for a minimun of one year need less orthodontic help, have less speech issues and in general, use their mouths appropriately from an early age.
  • I get to snuggle my toddler more than many moms who aren't still nursing get to snuggle their children. Z's just nursing in the mornings, and not even every day, but in those still moments each day I get to cradle her and hold her so close. I wish Matt could have moments like those every once in a while because they're really special to me.

Cloth diapering
  • Our diapers have helped Zachari learn her colors and its been one more load of laundry she's been able to help with.
  • She knows what poop looks like and what a chore it is to clean it out of a diaper or clothes at times. Most kids never see poop til they do it on the potty. I'm not sure if this is a pro or a con...
  • While we're not focusing on potty training too much yet, I think cloth diapers might make it easier for my girl to get through this stage of life. She already tells me when she's wet and since wet cloth is super uncomfortable, she doesn't want to be in it for long. Maybe for all the frustrations I've had with her diapers leaking lately, we'll have a quick potty training and it won't seem so bad. 

No major revelations here, just one of those things I've wanted to record, but haven't.

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