Monday, February 20, 2012

Thinking back

October 10-11, 2009
Special surprise date with my boy
Sara Watkins concert at The Cla-zel
Beautiful weather one day, rainy and gloomy weather the next
We had a great time
We also had quite the emotional talk over the weekend, one that brought me to tears, one that I still flash back to and have to work past. 
My husband was so good to me then. He's even better to me now. 
It is an indescribable thing to carry a life made by you and the one you love with your whole self. 
Its a gift. 
I enjoy pregnancy, every time. 
My pregnancy with Zachari Jane was wonderful. Sometimes I miss that intimacy with her... crazy as that might sound. 
Who knows why I am thinking back to this random weekend more than two years ago. I like seeing the photos of my bebe in the womb though, and remembering what its like to be full of life in a way that you really can't know until you're pregnant. I have been blessed as a woman, as a mother, as a creation of the King. I'm thankful. 

 Oh yeah, and I miss my cute house in BG...

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