Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little One Letter #4

My little kumquat, 

Yesterday I had an appointment at my OB's office and we got to see you again, the second time in just under two weeks! And my goodness, how you've changed! 

You've doubled in size, measuring around 4 cm and we can actually tell which end is your head and which is your feet! You were roughly the size of a kidney bean two weeks ago and now you're the size of a kumquat. We not only got to see your sweet heart fluttering away, but we heard it and Love, its music to your mama's ears! My favorite part was seeing you floating around in there and literally bouncing off the sides of my uterus. Don't get too used to that though because as you grow, you'll have less and less room to stretch. I guess you better live it up now! Another difference from two weeks ago is that the placenta is starting to form. Its estimated that right around the end of the first trimester the yolk sack (your current form of nourishment) goes away and the placenta becomes what gives you life.

Papa and Zachari were with me for the appointment and they were just as amazed by you as I was. Your big sister couldn't get the words out fast enough as she tried to express what she was seeing and how excited she was to see another picture of you. Your papa is in awe of you and is quite smitten with your sweet self even this early on. What a loving family you're a part of. I'll probably say this a lot, but Sweet Pea, we're pretty pumped to meet you!

Babe, we're a fourth of the way through this journey already and its kind of hard to believe. I've enjoyed my time with you so much already and I'm looking forward to the many weeks and months ahead. 

I love you. 


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