Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jonathan: 2 months

 Jonathan, you are growing up so fast! Its hard to believe that you're already two months old! The last month has brought lots of changes for you - both in appearance and in your development. You are such a joy and I love watching you change day after day. Some things to remember about you in the last month:

  • When I bring you in close as we get ready for a feeding, you have a chuckle-grunt excited noise you make that is adorably hilarious. And sometimes when you're feeling really desperate, you make a giggly whining noise and I love it. 
  • You're staying awake through feedings a little more often now and occasionally, our eyes will meet which is so sweet. 
  • You're a stereotypical boy in the farting department. You squirm a little and then bam, a rocket fart shoots of of you and sometimes you'll even smirk after you do it. We are in for trouble in a few more years, I think!
  • You are so smiley, Love! A couple of weeks ago it was just you and me in bed and you gave me your first smile in response to my smiling at you. You giggle all the time and its wonderful!
  • Around six weeks old you got your first cold which might've been harder on me than it was on you. I also had bronchitis at the time, so we were quite the sniffling, coughing pair. 
  • I've taken caffeine out of my diet in the last month and I've noticed a considerable difference in the amount of gassiness/discomfort you have. I miss my coffee and might have a tiny cup or two a week, but if you are happier without it in your system, I am okay to be without it.
  • Your blue eyes are amazing! Most days they're a striking bright blue, but sometimes they seem more bluish gray. Either way, my boy, you're turning into quite the handsome charmer. Those ladies aren't even gonna know what hits em in a few years when you're on the prowl! (What? Did I just say 'on the prowl' about my baby?)
  • You turn towards whoever is talking to you and I think you're starting to learn your name. 
  • Big Sister can often calm you down when you're upset about getting your diaper changed or being left alone in the room. I love watching the two of you interact.
  • You have two fussy times a day. In the morning anywhere from 6-8 a.m. you are grunty while you sleep. I can't figure it out. You're sleeping, but making lots of noise while you sleep. So I guess this isn't really fussy per se... And then at night anywhere from 8-11 p.m. you are fussy and really like to be held in an upright position. This usually means Papa holds you close to his chest or puts you in a wrap and walks around the house with you til you fall asleep. Some nights you only want me, but for the most part, the evenings are when you and Papa get some cuddle time together. I love it. 
  • You're slowly finding your hands! Sometimes you suck on them while I'm wearing you or while laying on your tummy, you might stick one in your mouth for a little while. 
  • And speaking of being on your tummy, you're getting better at tummy time. I even put you on your tum to sleeps sometimes which a million and a half people will try scolding me for, but you often sleep better/longer when I do it. 
  • When you're awake, its rare that you are still - just like when you were in the womb!
  • You're a decent sleeper at night and you're getting much better about sleeping in the co-sleeper instead of snuggled up next to me in bed. During the day you're awake probably 6-8 hours.
All in all, Sweet Boy, you are a joy and I'm falling more in love with you with each week that goes by. I'm excited to see what the next month of your life brings!

March 5th update: You're growing like a weed! Yesterday you had your two month check up and you're a healthy little bugger. You now weigh 11 pounds and 5 ounces and you stretch out to 23 inches long. You're doing great, love! Keep up the good work!

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