Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jonathan: 6 months

Jonathan, you're a trip! I so enjoy these regular posts as I think back on the things you've learned to do in the past month. You're adding so much zest to life in the Blinn household and I'm in love with you - head over heels!

  • You can now roll from your back to your tummy and Bud, you're rolling everywhere - even in your sleep!
  • Slowly, but surely you are crawling! Maybe we should say you're "creeping", but you have your own way of getting where you want to be and its so fun to watch you move around. Its not quite an army crawl, but its not conventional crawling either. Whatever you wanna call it, you keep us on our toes, that's for sure!
  • June 8th was your first visit out of state to meet Baby Levi. What should've been about a 3.5-4 hour drive took a little over 4 hours going up and took more than 6 hours coming back! You did NOT like your car seat and while I don't blame you, you could've cut us a little more slack, mister! That day was also your first time to Bowling Green. We made it an hour-long stop to let Z stretch her legs, let Papa get coffee from Grounds for Thought and we took a short stroll down memory lane.
  • June 13th was your first walk alone with me. It might not seem like a big deal, but it was a sweet moment for your mama. Sadly, you and I don't get as much one-on-one time as I got with your sis because of well, your sis! Papa was home for quiet time so he was with Z and you and I snuck away for a couple of hours. We found a new tiny park, Northmoor Park, and we walked along the beautiful and shaded path, stopped for some milk at a picnic table along the river and just enjoyed the quiet together. 
  • On June 18th you tried your hand at acrobatics. Crazy Boy, you slid down from a sitting-up position on the couch to a standing-up position on the floor! Zachari Jane and I were amazed at what had taken place so quickly and we, along with you, laughed hysterically about it for a couple of minutes!
  • June 19th was the first time I noticed one of your new noises -  an awful screeeeeeeeeeching sound! You're sort of like a pterodactyl when you do it. 
  • June 28th - You started rocking on all fours!
  • You love the exersaucer.
  • You've taken to pinching... and it hurts!
  • You blow bubbles while babbling.
  • You like the hair on the top of your head being blown.
  • Your left hand scratches the top of your head when you get sleepy sometimes.
  • When you're ready to nurse, you've started turning in towards me. 
  • I think you understand the sign for milk because your face lights up when you see it (combined with me actually saying the word milk) and you start doing that whiney-laugh thing you do when you're ready to nurse. 
  • Like your sis, you enjoy the mesh teether. So far you've only had a couple of ice cubes in it, but soon, we'll be putting some frozen solid foods into it.
  • When you need to be comforted at night or as you're falling asleep, you like to have your bum pat pretty hard. Aunt Maryke teases that I do it so hard its like you're being rocked to sleep. 
  • Could it be that you'll have a deep love for books and listening to stories like your big sister? You've enjoyed hearing stories read aloud to her and you'll often sit still for several pages at a time, as though you're really waiting to see what happens next.
  • There are more regular poops from you now with LOTS of blowouts + lots of drool = 3+ outfits a day most days.
  • You're really grabby with your left hand, especially in the bath and you almost always go for the same area: the chub of your tummy just above where your penis is.  ;)
  • You're grabbing everything in sight - dangerous and off limits though they may be!
  • Its easy for you to become distracted while nursing. I knew this day would come, but I wasn't ready for it. I miss our sweet times where we could nurse anywhere at any time amidst any noise. Oh well.
  • You swipe/hit while nursing if sleepy, especially on my right side which usually has slower let down.
  • Zachari is still your favorite form of entertainment and I adore watching you two together.
  • You like to be scared, especially by ZJ.
  • You seem to like my singing and will often stop and stare while the words come out of my mouth. Thanks for making Mama feel like a rock star!
  • You often get to laughing so hard that you get the hiccups!
  • You're sitting up with help.
  • You can roll from your back to your tummy.
  • At times you can be a little shy and you nuzzle your face into my neck. Love it.
  • July 1st, 6 month check up stats: 18 pounds, 10 ounces, 26 7/8" long.
You're growing up so fast, my boy and I'm doing my best to really soak you in and enjoy the ride you're taking me on. Love you!

It was really difficult to take your photos this time because you're so wiggly and curious. At the end, Sister came into the room and gave you zerberts and made you giggle and I snapped this fun shot. You two are so fun to watch together.

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